From the spritely freshman to the seasoned senior, we all have questions to ask. Here are some that have common answers:

  • Where is the Physics Department?
  • We are located on the 8th through 10th floors in 726 Broadway. Up until May 2017, we were located in Meyer Hall, but now the Psychology & Neuroscience Department has sole possession of that building.
  • Where do physics people hang out?
  • We're peppered around a few places in 726 Broadway. The social epicenter of the physics undergraduates is Room 1014, right across from the administration offices.
  • When and where are SPS meetings?
  • We meet every Thursday at 7PM. Since the full meetings would overrun Room 1014, we will be meeting in Room 1067, a CQP conference room.
  • Do I have to be a physics major to join SPS or attend an SPS meeting?
  • Absolutely not! We like hearing stuff from all different walks of life. Just keep in mind: we are a bunch of nerds peeps who enjoy math-y things, so there is bound to be a plethora of mathematics referenced in our meetings. The only requirement to attend our meetings is that you must be affiliated with NYU, i.e. a student, faculty, staff, or alumni member.
  • What is the mentorship program?
  • Read all about it here!


Neal Weiner

Director of Undergraduate Studies



Bill LePage

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies


Frank Moscatelli

Undergraduate Advisor



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