We're very excited to announce that the Undergraduate Lecture Series is back! The ULS is an opportunity for undergraduates to hear what our professors are researching at an undergraduate level. If you've ever been to one of the department's Student Hours or Colloquia, you might be familiar with the confusion you get when faced with a presentation aimed at professors and graduate students who have experience in the discussed field. We know that feeling all too well and because of that the ULS assumes no knowledge beyond freshman physics!


Spring 2018:

Fall 2017:

A short FAQ for the ULS:

  • When and where do these meet?
  • We have them scheduled for Fridays at 2:00PM to 3:15PM (sometimes 12:30PM; we'll announce those occasions) in Room 1067 in 726 Broadway. They don't happen every week; they only happen when we have a professor scheduled!
  • I'm a freshman. Can I go to one of these?
  • Absolutely! Even if you don't understand some things, it's important to dip your feet into the world of actively researched physics! You won't know what you think you'd like to do unless you see it firsthand, and the professors at the ULS will demonstrate some of the available paths you can take.