The mentorship program is a department-funded initiative to strengthen the physics community and increase underclassmen engagement. Mentors will have opportunities to socialize with and encourage their mentees and will be expected to meet with them regularly in a social or academic setting. Note: you must be an upperclassmen to be a mentor.

This year marks the beginning of the Sneak Peek at the Universe advanced seminar for freshmen, and there will be opportunities for some dedicated mentors to be involved with this group. Mentors involved with this course will be expected to attend the lectures and provide additional guidance for these freshman. This is an optional extra responsibility that is not required to be a mentor, but it is a great opportunity for those who'd like experience in an educational environment.

Some Questions We've Heard

  • What is the point of the mentor program?
  • While sometimes it may be clear to find answers to questions you may have -- whether it's about the physics major, classes, or university life in general -- other times it may be difficult to find the right person to ask. This is the role of the mentor: someone who can guide you the way to finding the answers, if not answer them outright.
  • What should I expect of my mentor?
  • They should be meeting you at least once a month to check in on how things are going. They will do the best they can to help you in various university-related issues; however, your mentor is not your therapist. If you have a serious issue that you need to vent about, they will direct you to the proper authority.
  • What are the mentor-mentee meetings like?
  • Whatever (responsible) activity you'd like! If you and your mentor both like coffee, a nice chat in a coffee shop will do! If you both like baseball, why not go to a Mets game (if you both can afford it)? Have fun with your mentor!
  • I'm in Sneak Peak to the Universe. What will the mentors do in this class?
  • While they may have one-on-one mentees, the mentors for Sneak Peak act more like tutors. They will have group study sessions to work on the material presented in the class.