The Mentor-Mentee Program

What is the Mentor-Mentee Program?

The Mentor-Mentee Program is one of the programs offered by NYU SPS that pairs an upperclassmen student with one or two underclassmen.

How are the students matched up to one another?

During the fall semester there will be a meeting for those interested in the program and the prospective mentors will give a short presentation on who they are and make a case for why they would be a good mentor. The prospective mentees will then be able to fill out a form with a list of the prospective mentors and they will list out their preference in who they want to be their mentor.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program is taken seriously as we hope this can help students traverse the physics major with the aid of someone who knows the department more. That being said students do recieve a very good amount of benefits from participating. Throughout the years that the program has been active we've noticed more students feeling comfortable around the department, expanded friend groups, and overall better people!