Alex Tschinkel

Hi, my name is Alex Tschinkel (He/Him) and I am one of this years co-presidents. I am a fifth year student in the CAS/Tandon dual degree program majoring in physics and mechanical engineering, with minors in math and aerospace engineering. I am currently doing research on colloidal diamonds with Professor Pine in the CSMR, and am generally interested in fluid dynamics, aerospace engineering, and soft matter. Some hobbies of mine include climbing and playing hockey. My email is  Feel free to reach out to me for anything!

Nick Lebranche

Hey everyone! My name is Nicholas Labranche, and I'm one of SPS' Co-Presidents. I am a physics and math double major. I'm in the fortunate position to do a variety of research namely in string theory, quantum computing, topological phase transitions, and hyperuniform systems. I have general interest in a lot of areas of physics and its applications to other disciplines. Recently I've shown interest in complex geometry, number theory and probability. When I'm not working I take care of my goldfish, play video games (if you like overwatch we should definitely team up!), watching anime, and starting a startup. Don't hesitate to reach out to me via email

Will Kuhlke

Hi! I'm Will (he/him), this year's SPS treasurer. I'm a fourth year student in the CAS/Tandon dual degree track with majors in Physics and Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Aerospace Engineering. I'm currently working at Courant's Applied Math Lab under Professor Leif Ristroph, where I do fluids research. When I'm not doing Physics, I like traveling, playing board games, and biking around NY. You can reach me at or find me hanging around the physics department.

Aashay Pai

Hi! My name is Aashay and I still haven't sent in my bio and picture :(

Andre Dubovskiy

My name is Andre and I work on public and internal online resources for the Society, like the new online merch store. I'm working at the Center for Quantum Phenomena in Professor Andy Kent's group on the COINFLIPS project. We are using quantum tunneling to generate truly random numbers super fast. I also like building stuff and playing sports in my free time.