NYU Physics Demos

Weight Lift

Topics: Mechanics - Force, Torque

Equipment: Weight lift pulley apparatus, timer, large table clamp, weight.

Setup: Clamp the aluminum base firmly to a table. Take a weight (hanging mass or other) and attach it to the white hanging string. The handle can be hooked onto either rope on the other side of the pulley.

When you pull the weight, you apply torque to the apparatus. The amount of torque applied is proportional to the distance from the axis of rotation. This means that pulling from the top rope will be easier than pulling from the bottom rope.

Using the timer: The timer has a digital display that shows the measured time in seconds. The two sensors function as a start and stop system; one sensor starts the timer, and when an object is sensed by the second sensor, the timer stops. The speed of an object can then be calculated if the distance through which it traveled is known.

Location: Shelf C-E4

Notes: A PASCO photogate sensor (direct speed measurement, and graphical) can be used instead of the timer described here. Refer to demo “PASCO Photogate Sensor”.


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