NYU Physics Demos

Projectile Motion

Topics: Mechanics - Motion in 2-Dimensions, Projectile Motion

Equipment: Projectile motion apparatus with brass ball and adjustable ramp.

Setup: Put the ball onto the launcher, and use it to compress the spring until it locks in place. You can turn the knob at the rear end of the launcher to further compress the spring for more ballistic force. Loosen the winged washer on the “protractor” and lift the launcher to a desired angle, then tighten the washer. Pull the trigger on the launcher to release the ball.

Projectile distance as a function of launch angle can be observed. Launching at 45° will result in the maximum distance. This demo can be paired with carbon paper on top of white paper, taped to some surface, so the point of impact can be marked on the white paper.

Location: Shelf B-d1

Notes: There are no spare balls. Please watch where you shoot, to avoid losing it. Additionally, there are two of these apparatuses. A preference can be requested.

Keywords: Shoot, Eject, Fly, Direction, Freefall

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