NYU Physics Demos


Topics: Mechanics - Acceleration due to Gravity, Frequency/Period of Oscillations, Length of a Pendulum

Equipment: Apparatus with red and blue pendulums. Larger mass is available.

Setup: Suspend the apparatus by hand or using rods and clamps. By loosening the screws on the weights, you can move them up and down the rod, effectively changing the length of the pendulum. Set the length of one as long as possible, and the other as short as possible, or anywhere in between to demonstrate the change in length of a pendulum.

An extra mass is available to demonstrate the effect of different masses on pendulums of equal length. Remove one mass and slide on the larger mass. Set both pendulums to equal length and the students will observe that both pendulums will oscillate with the same frequency/period, verifying the equation for the period of a simple pendulum: T=2L/g, which does not rely on the mass of the pendulum.

Location: Shelf B-g5

Notes: Oscillation depends on the length of the pendulum.

Keywords: Oscillation, Length, Swing, Weight

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