NYU Physics Demos

Ball Drop: Freefall

Topics: Mechanics - Motion in 2-Dimensions, Projectile Motion, Freefall in a G-Field

Equipment: Ball drop apparatus, with two balls, rod, clamp, and a stand.

Setup: Using the ball with a hole through it, push it onto the mounting side of the apparatus, and use the handle to compress the spring until it can shift down and lock in place, as shown. Then place the second ball on the other side, in the small indentation on the base. With the entire apparatus mounted to a rod, and suspended in the air, life the handle to release both balls at the same time. Be sure to leave an adequate distance to the floor.

Both balls will begin to move at the same time, but one will simply drop, experiencing free fall, and the other will be launched horizontally. Both balls will reach the ground at the same time, because both balls experience the same downward pull of gravity. There is no other external force on the launched ball preventing it from moving downward in the same way as the dropped ball.

Location: Shelf B-e1

Notes: Please pay attention to where the balls fall. There are no replacements.

Keywords: Fall, Drop, Eject, Gravity, Acceleration, Y-Axis, Horizontal, Vertical, Force

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