NYU Physics Demos

Mass Distribution: Pipes

Topics: Rotational Motion - Angular Momentum, Torque, Center of Mass

Equipment: Two balance pipes, the weights of which are not evenly distributed.

Setup: Hold one pipe in each hand. Hold them from the ends, and the center, or anywhere in between, and rotate them back and forth in your hand, noticing how different each feels.

Both pipes are the same size (picture is misleading) and weight, and they are both balanced. The only difference is how the mass is distributed. One pipe has more mass at the very center, the other has more mass at the ends. Prove this by twisting off the orange caps and looking inside the pipes.

Location: Shelf B-e5

Notes: Pipes are portable (Diameter is 2.5cm. Length is 61.5cm).

Keywords: Metal, Density, Spin, Twirl

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