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Angular Velocity Vector

Topics: Rotational Kinematics - Angular/Translational Velocity

Equipment: Round metal “track”, brass ball.

Setup: There is an opening in the track. Place the ball on one side of the opening, and roll it in the opposite direction to the other side with enough speed that it can roll out of the opening.

For an object moving along a circular path, that object has both an angular and translational velocity. The angular velocity vector points along the circular path, but the translational velocity vector points tangentially away from the circle along which the object is travelling. In this demo, there is a hole in the track through which the object can fall only if the object moves horizontally away from the axis of rotation. As will be observed, the ball will not roll past the hole and maintain its circular trajectory, but will fall off the track along a line tangent to the circular path.

Location: Shelf B-e3

Notes: Watch where the ball goes when it rolls off the track- please do not lose it.

Keywords: Angle, Roll, Circular, Lid

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