NYU Physics Demos

Angular Momentum (Large)

Topics: Mechanics: - Angular Momentum, Rotational Motion, Centripetal vs Centrifugal Forces

Equipment: Rotating platform, weights.

Setup: Stand on the platform with weights in hand. Try to spin yourself or have another person spin you. When the other person is clear, extend your arms with weights in hand. You will spin slower when your arms are extended. Pull your arms back in close to your body, and will spin faster again.

The idea here is the same as on the previous page, but on a larger scale; refer to it for details. However, the math is not exactly the same because your arms and the weights to not mimic two point masses quite as well.

Location: Shelf A-B7

Notes: It is easy to lose your footing as your angular velocity increases and decreases. Be careful and do your best to stay balanced.


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