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the first realization of an open-air siphon using soap films
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In 2002, the high-school student Jonathan Kamler started an experiment in my that tries to construct a tubeless siphon with soap films. It didn't work: we couldn't get a siphon that runs for more than a minute. In 2004, we still haven't given it up. The siphon was finally realized by Julien Psaute (an undergraduate student from France) when he worked as an intern during April-July, 2004. We now just succeeded in making a soap-film siphon that runs for more than an hour (almost "forever"). Details on this project will follow after the submission of a report on this experiment.
Figure 1: Schematic of the tubeless siphon using soap film. Some typical numbers are shown.
Figure 2: Velocity profiles of a soap-film siphon at different heights. Measurements were made using Laser Doppler Velocimetry.
Figure 3: The "head" of the siphon, where the soapy water is drawn from the top. Interference fringes show thickness variation in the vertical direction.
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