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The AML members in 2005. The lab is booming! Here is a list of names, from left to right: Kathleen Mareck,
Bin Liu, Jin-qiang Zhong, Tom Bringley, Erica Kim, Steve Childress, Mike Shelley, Lionel Rosellini, Jun Zhang,
Gonzague de la Hautire, Karishma Parikh and Sunny Jung.

Jun's kidnapped by a teletubby (Dr. David Hu) and Dr. Sunny Jung during the
Christmas party at Courant.

Prof. Albert Libchaber and Dr. Sunny Jung in the lab, AML.

Open lab event in the fall semester 2005, Physics students from Jun Zhang's class get a tour
in the AML by Dr. Sunny Jung. We have recruited at least 6 undergraduate students to the
lab. Three of them have put their names on peer-reviewed research papers.

D.Hu and S. Jung showed experiments in the AML to Physics students from Jun Zhang's
Phys. III class (Fall, 05). Students connect what they learn in classrooms to the real world.

This is part of the NYU badminton team. We lost the tournament to Columbia this year, even though I have won my
game (men's double). At the bottom shows the logo I designed for the team.

NYU badminton team in the spring of 2009. I have been the "faculty advisor" for many years.

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