JammingProtein Folding

A confocal image of the packing of silicone oil droplets in an emulsion. A "stack" of such images can be analyzed by a software package to determine various characteristics of the packing, e.g. distribution of nearest neighbors.


An abstract representation of a protein's free energy landscape. Statistical analysis of protein unfolding times can yield information about the form of the molecule's underlying energy surface.

BiomimeticsAFM Development

Characterizing the mechanical properties and dynamics of tissues has been of growing interest in the last 10 years with the motivation to understand phenomena such as embryogenesis or morphogenetic movements. In vivo studies are difficult to perform and interpret due to the many interactions that are at stake in a cellular assembly. Therefore a biomimetic approach can be used to design and characterize simplified systems that mimic tissues in vitro.


Work is being done to improve aquisition speed and control. This will allow rheology and torque experiments to be performed on single molecule systems.