Dylan (Link to Dylan's personal webpage)


Dylan Bargteil is a 4th year graduate student working in the Brujic lab. He uses emulsion droplets to make physical models of proteins and other biomimetic structures. He also studies marginal rigidity and history dependence of jammed materials and has previously studied the stability of lipid domains on the surface of emulsion droplets. Using microfluidic and confocal microscopy techniques developed in the Brujic lab, Dylan hopes to make contributions to the study of disordered materials and self-assembly.

As an undergraduate, Dylan studied the advection-reaction-diffusion problem using particle tracking, image analysis, and the recent theory of burning invariant manifolds.

Outside of his research, Dylan maintains interests in education, poetry, music, brewing, pizza making, and (too) many other topics. More on these pursuits can be found at his personal webpage.