Newly published in Physical Review Letters, Evidence for Marginal Stability in Emulsions. Selected as an Editor's suggestion!

Newly published in Biophysical Journal, Cis and Trans Cooperativity of E-Cadherin Mediates Adhesion in Biomimetic Lipid Droplets.

Newly published in Scientific Reports, Local structure controls the nonaffine shear and bulk moduli of disordered solids.

Jasna was awarded the 2015 Iakobachvili Faculty Science Award for her research achievements. The award was presented June 4th, 2015 by Deans Carew and Purugganan (pictured right).

Newly published in Molecular Bioscience, Multiphase Protein Gels.

Newly published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Tailoring of High-Order Multiple Emulsions by the Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Ternary Mixtures.

The CSMR has created supersized images of the microscopic world of colloids for display in a gallery at Burger Joint at 8th St. and MacDougal in Greenwich Village. The New York Times recommends taking your children to see the beautiful emulsion droplets created by Lea-Laetitia Pontani and Martin Haase.

Laetitia Pontani will be presenting at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Francisco, CA. She will be presenting STABLE PATCHY PARTICLES FROM IMMISCIBLE LIPID MIXTURES on February 17th in Hall D.
Cover Figure from Evidence for Marginal Stability in Emulsions in PRL. Confocal images of compressed emulsions. The color coding shows the low-frequency vibrational amplitudes of the droplets from high (dark green) to low (light green).

Jasna honored at the 2015 Iakobachvili Faculty Science Awards ceremony Pictured: Dean Carew, Dr. Bonneau, Dr. Brujic, and Dean Purugganan at the 2015 Iakobachvili Faculty Science Award ceremony.
Jasna Brujic is an invited speaker at the 2014 Mini Stat Mech Meeting at UC Berkeley. The conference will be held from Jan. 10-13.
On Nov. 14, Jasna Brujic will be presenting at the BP Institute for Multiphase Flow at University of Cambridge. Her talk entitled "The many faces of emulsion droplets" begins at 11:30 AM.
On Sept. 3rd, Jasna Brujic will be presenting at the 3rd Workshop on Molecular Kinetics in Berlin, Germany. Her talk entitled "How proteins meet, greet and bind emulsion droplets" begins at 11:15 AM.
Jasna Brujic has become a tenured professor at NYU.
Jasna Brujic and Laetitia Pontani will be presenting at the 9th European Biophysics Congress in Lisbon, Portugal. Laetitia will be speaking on July 16th at 9:50 AM while, Prof. Brujic will be talking on July 17th at 4:15 PM. Details of the entire program can be found in this PDF.

The lab is happy to report that Herbert Lannon has sucessfully defended his thesis. Many have reported his talk was entertaining and scientific.

On May 16th, Jasna Brujic is presenting at the Biomolecules and Nanostructure 4 in Pultusk, Poland. Her talk begins at 9:00 AM.

Jasna Brujic is speaking at the BME Seminar Series at Boston University on March 20th.
The title of her talk is A Biomimetic Approach to the Mechanics of Tissues and begins at 3:45 PM at 44 Cummington Mall (ERB 203).

Jasna Brujic is co-organizing the Evolution of Colloidal Matter conference at NYU.
Register today for this exciting scientific meeting which runs from June 27th - June 29th. There are also plans to celebrate the 60th birthday of NYU's own David Pine.

Laetitia Pontani will be presenting at the 2013 APS March Meeting.
Laetitia will present Biomimetic DNA emulsions: specific, thermo-reversible and adjustable binding from a liquid-like DNA layer on March 20th in Room 338.

Laetitia Pontani and Herbert Lannon will be presenting at the 57th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting.
Laetitia will present A BIOMIMETIC APPROACH TO THE MECHANICS OF TISSUES on February 5th in Hall C.

Newly published in Physical Review Letters, Microscopic Approach to the Nonlinear Elasticity of Compressed Emulsions.

Ivane Jorjadze has sucessfully graduated from the NYU Physics PhD program. His disseration was highly regarded by the CSMR community.

Published in new Biophysical Journal: Force-clamp analysis techniques give highest rank to stretched exponential unfolding kinetics in ubiquitin.

Jasna Brujic, Laetitia Pontani, and Ivane Jorjadze have all been featured in the Fall 2012 edition of New York University Research Digest for their work with cell-cell adhesion (page 16).
Jasna Brujic gave an invited talk at Harvard University as part of the Widley Applied Mathematics Seminars.
Laetitia Pontani has presented at this years Phycell 2012 in Hyeres, France.
NYU will be hosting the Active Jammed Systems Conference with our own Jasna Brujic serving as one of the organizers.
The conference will run from Saturday May 26th to Monday May 28th and will cover a range of topics in soft matter and biophysics.
Information and online registration can be found here.
The deadline for registration is Friday April 20th, so sign up ASAP. Hope to see you there.
Jasna Brujic, and Laetitia Pontani will be presenting at the 56th annual Biophysical Society meeting.
The presentation times and locations are as follows:

Jasna Brujic
Monday February 27th @ 10:45 AM
Room: Ballroom 20D

Laetitia Pontani
Wednesday February 29th @ 10:30 AM
Room: Hall FGH

Three lab members will be giving talks at the APS March Meeting this year. The presentation times and locations are as follows:

Ivane Jorjadze
Elastic properties of compressed emulsions
Monday February 27th @ 9:48 AM
Room: 153B

Herbert Lannon
Analysis and Interpretation of Single Molecule Protein Unfolding Kinetics
Thursday March 1st @ 3:18 PM
Room: 156B

Katie Newhall
Granular Matter, Foams, and Beyond: Applications of the Granocentric Model
Thursday March 1st @ 5:06 PM
Room: 153B

Newly published in recent Soft Matter: A statistical mechanics framework captures the packing of monodisperse particles
In press: Attractive emulsion droplets probe the phase diagram of jammed granular matter, PNAS. Press release.
Recently published: Jammed particles, from sandy beaches to sunscreens
Laetitia wins prize for doctoral dissertation.
Nate wins Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship.
Ti wins Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund award (Fall 2010).