Holographic Video Microscopy
    •    If you make use of this software in published research, the appropriate citation is
S. Lee, Y. Roichman, G. Yi, S. Kim, S. Yang, A. van Blaaderen, P. van Oostrum and D. G. Grier,
"Characterizing and tracking single colloidal particles with video holographic microscopy", Optics Express 15, 18275-18282 (2007).
    •    If, in addition, you make use of the GPU-accelerated software, the appropriate citation is
F. C. Cheong, B. Sun, R. Dreyfus, J. Amato-Grill, K. Xiao, L. Dixon and D. G. Grier,
"Flow visualization and flow cytometry with holographic video microscopy", Optics Express 17, 13071-13079 (2009).
    •    The GPU-accelerated routines rely on the GPUlib, which provides IDL bindings for CUDA-accelerated array operations. GPULIB must be downloaded and built separately.
    •    FITSPHEREDHM relies on Craig Markwardt's MPFIT implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear optimization algorithm.
    •    SPHERETOOL is an experimental graphical user interface to all of these routines.
IDL routines
Measure the radius, refractive index, and three-dimensional position of a colloidal sphere immersed in a dielectric medium by fitting its digital holographic microscopy (DHM) image to Mie scattering theory.
Computes holographic microscopy image of a sphere immersed in a transparent medium.
Calculates the complex electric field scattered by a sphere illuminated by a plane wave linearly polarized in the x direction.
Calculates the complex electric field defined by an array of scattering coefficients.
Calculates the electric field in a light scattering pattern defined by a set of Lorenz-Mie scattering coefficients. Uses gpulib for hardware acceleration.
Calculates the Mie scattering coefficients for a homogeneous isotropic sphere illuminated by a coherent plane wave linearly polarized in the x direction.
Calculates the radial profile of the in-line hologram of a sphere, as obtained with digital holographic microscopy.
Interactively find reasonable fitting parameters for digital holographic microscopy images of colloidal spheres.
Perform housekeeping tasks when SPHERETOOL exits.
Event handler for spheretool.
Determine whether or not spheretool can run with GPU acceleration.
Metaprogramming: Saves an IDL routine that implements holographic video microscopy fits according to the current settings of SPHERETOOL.
Creates the widget hierarchy for SPHERETOOL
Gzipped tar archive
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