Holographic Video Microscopy
Latest News, Press Coverage, and Recent Additions
  1.      04-09-09: The Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research has reprinted our article on holographic flow cytometry. See VJBO volume 4, Issue 9, Sept 4, 2009 edition.
  2.     01-09-09: Announcing the new tutorial webpage!
  3.     24-08-09: Updated GPU software support for HVM on our web
  4.     17-07-09: Our article on holographic flow cytometry has been selected for the inaugural issue of the OSA's Spotlight on Optics. This story also has been picked up by Laser Focus World and BioOptics World, among more than a dozen other science news sites.
Recent Published work with HVM
  1. F. C. Cheong, B. Sun, R. Dreyfus, J. Amato-Grill, K. Xiao, L. Dixon and D. G. Grier,"Flow visualization and flow cytometry with holographic video microscopy", Optics Express 17, 13071-13079 (2009).
  2. F. C. Cheong, K. Xiao and D. G. Grier, “Characterization of individual milk fat globules with holographic video microscopy”,Journal of Dairy Science 92, 95-99 (2009)
  4. F. C. Cheong, S. Duarte, S. Lee and D. G. Grier, “Holographic microrheology of polysaccharides from Streptococcus mutans biofilms”, Rheologica Acta 48, 109-115 (2009)
  6. Y. Roichman, B. Sun, A. Stolarski and D. G. Grier, “Influence of non-conservative optical forces on the dynamics of optically trapped colloidal spheres: The fountain of probability”, Physical Review Letters 101, 128301 (2008)
  8. S. Lee, Y. Roichman, G. Yi, S. Kim, S. Yang, A. van Blaaderen, P. van Oostrum and D. G. Grier, "Characterizing and tracking single colloidal particles with video holographic microscopy", Optics Express 15, 18275-18282 (2007).
Useful Links
  1.        ITTVIS IDL is the ideal, timesaving solution for data analysis, data visualization, and software application development used for current version of HVM.
  1.        The GPU-accelerated routines rely on the GPUlib, which provides IDL bindings for CUDA-accelerated array operations. GPULIB must be downloaded and built separately.
  1.        FITSPHEREDHM relies on Craig Markwardt's MPFIT implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear optimization algorithm.
  1.        More work from David Grier’s group can be found here Home page
  1.        David Grier’s group is part of New York University - Center for Soft Matter Research
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  1.     David G. Grier: david.grier@nyu.edu
  2.     Fook Chiong Cheong: phycfc@gmail.com
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