Outside In Benefit

Posted December 24, 2015

Outside In is an organization based in Portland, OR serving homeless, abused, and LGBTQ youth. Elliott Smith planned to work with Outside In but sadly wasn't able to do so before he died. This is a small collection of Elliott Smith covers with all proceeds being donated to Outside In. You can donate to Outside In directly and email confirmation of your donation to foxtail.band@gmail.com or you can pick up a copy on my Bandcamp.

Tradeoffs: Vol. 1 Released

Posted June 7, 2015

Colleen Napolitano of The Electric St. Lucy (formerly White Star City) issued an interesting challenge to me at the start of the year: write a song with the title "Should Have, Didn't" and include the words "albatross" and "empirical". Likewise I gave her the title "Pedestrian, Bus Is Turning" and the so-called words "ashtrash" and "guttermud". Once the songs were written, we learned the other's song and recorded a performance of it. This is part of Colleen's Tradeoffs, a series of singles that explore constrained and collaborative songwriting that debuts today. You can download it for free here.

If you're a songwriter interested in participating in the series, contact tradeoffsproject(at)gmail.com for more information!

Track List:
Should Have, Didn't performed by The Electric St. Lucy
Pedestrian, Bus Is Turning performed by Foxtail
Should Have, Didn't (Demo) performed by Foxtail
Pedestrian, Bus Is Turning (Demo) performed by The Electric St. Lucy

Girls Write Now EP

Posted December 21, 2014

The video above is part of a project I'm very excited about called the Girls Write Now EP. The song in the video and the rest of the songs on the EP (trackist below) were all written or originally performed by women. Women are grossly underrepresented in music and literature, and with the songs of so many women so close to my heart, it's an exciting opportunity to echo their sounds and voices.

The EP is now available for purchase by making a donation to Girls Write Now, an organization that gives practical support and community for girls in creative writing and broader scholarship. After donating, email proof of your donation to foxtail.band(at)gmail.com. I will email you a download link for the EP in response. You can also donate to me with a note stating it is for Girls Write Now and I will pass along your donation to them (and will include proof of doing so in the email I send you). Please note that if you choose this latter option, the minimum donation Girls Write Now accepts is $5, and if you choose to donate less you may experience some delay until I've collected at least $5 to forward to them.

Track List:
Frrreee Biiirrrddd!!! Frrrreeeeeebiiirrrrrrrddddd!!!! (Written by Laura Stevenson, originally performed by Bomb the Music Industry)
I'm Taking Europe With Me (by Veruca Salt)
Lipstick (by Lemuria)
The Science of Imaginary Solutions (by Autolux)
Get Disowned (by Hop Along)

New song!

Posted January 16, 2013

My most recent news (other than the creation of this site) is that I have recorded a demo of a song I wrote almost a year ago. I am hoping that despite the limitations my apartment brings compared to having my own studio set-up at my parents' house, I will be able to achieve the larger arrangement I imagine for it. You can download this song on the music page.

New website!

Posted January 16, 2013

Since I now have some webspace, I decided to design myself a proper website. It's a lot like the old Tumblr, but since I'm writing all the HTML and CSS myself, I have more control over the appearance of some things that were difficult to get the way I wanted with Tumblr (I'd modified some HTML code that later went wonky on me). On this site you can find my music (still available for download), as well as related media and information about shows. Enjoy!