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Outside In

Outside In is an organization based in Portland, OR serving homeless, abused, and LGBTQ youth. Elliott Smith planned to work with Outside In but sadly wasn't able to do so before he died. This is a small collection of Elliott Smith covers with all proceeds being donated to Outside In. You can donate to Outside In directly and email confirmation of your donation to or you can pick up a copy on my Bandcamp.

Tradeoffs: Vol. 1

Download Tradeoffs: Vol. 1

Created by Colleen Napolitano of The Electric St. Lucy (formerly White Star City), the Tradeoffs singles series is an ongoing challenge for songwriters to write songs for another to perform, exploring collaboration and writing constraints. In this debut of the series, The Electric St. Lucy wrote "Pedestrian, Bus Is Turning" for Foxtail to perform, and Foxtail wrote "Should Have, Didn't" for The Electric St. Lucy to perform. In this installment, both songwriters provided the other with titles and a pair of words that must be incorporated into the lyrics.

Artwork: Colleen Napolitano

Track List:
Should Have, Didn't performed by The Electric St. Lucy
Pedestrian, Bus Is Turning performed by Foxtail
Should Have, Didn't (Demo) performed by Foxtail
Pedestrian, Bus Is Turning (Demo) performed by The Electric St. Lucy

Girls Write Now EP

Girls Write Now is an organization that gives practical support and community for girls in creative writing and broader scholarship. To download the Girls Write Now EP, please donate to Girls Write Now, and email proof to Alternatively you may donate to Foxtail with a note that the donation is for Girls Write Now. In return you will receive an email with a download link and, if relevant, proof that your donation to Foxtail has been passed along to Girls Write Now. Please note that the minimum donation Girls Write Now accepts is $5, so if you donate less than $5 through Foxtail, there may be some delay in passing along your donation until I've raise the requisite remainder of the $5 minimum.

Artwork: Colleen Napolitano

Track List:
Frrreee Biiirrrddd!!! Frrrreeeeeebiiirrrrrrrddddd!!!! (Written by Laura Stevenson, originally performed by Bomb the Music Industry)
I'm Taking Europe With Me (by Veruca Salt)
Lipstick (by Lemuria)
The Science of Imaginary Solutions (by Autolux)
Get Disowned (by Hop Along)

Get Out Now

Download Get Out Now

Demos and Miscellaneous

New song (untitled): [download]

Fuck Up: [download]