Akihiro Yamaguchi

Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Physics
New York University

I study Physics and Systems Neuroscience at New York University. In Professor Marc Gershow's Lab, I apply experimental physics techniques to study neuronal activity in fruit fly larvae.
Before joining Physics Ph.D. program at NYU, I went to the University of Colorado Boulder, where I graduated with a BA in Physics.


I am interested in how the collection of neurons (aka brain) generate patterns of activity that translate into behaviors. In order to study the neuronal basis of behavior, I'm developing a new optical technique - a random access two-photon microscope using acousto-optic deflector (AOD) - to record multineuronal activity in a freely behaving Drosophila larva.


2020/2/24-26: I will be attending Nemonic workshop in UC Santa Barbara.

2019/10/1-5: Presenting our work at Neurobiology of Drosophila in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Poster:TBA, videos).

2019/3/5: Presenting our work at APS March Meeting 2019 in Boston (Oral).

2018/7/30-8/24: Participated in Santa Barbara Advanced School of Quantitative Biology (Summer Research Course) at Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, UC Santa Barbara.

2018/4/16-18: Presenting our work at NYU Neuroscience Retreat.


Gershow Lab
Center for Soft Matter Research
Department of Physics
New York University
726 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, USA

Email: akihiro(dot)yamaguchi(at)nyu(dot)edu