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December 5, 2019, Futurity: Team pinpoints how the body repairs the damage to DNA
December 5, 2019, What does DNA's repair shop look like? New research identifies the tools
November 26, 2019, eLife Digest: Like oil in water
November 26, 2019, What keeps cells in shape? New research points to two types of motion
October 25, 2018, DNA 'dances' in first explanation of how genetic material flows through a nucleus
October 5, 2018, APS Physics Focus: How to Measure Viscosity Inside Cells
October 5, 2018, AAAS: Scientists get the drop on the cell's nucleus
September 13, 2017, SciNews: Live Human Cells Have Their Own ‘Internal Clocks’.
September 11, 2017, Researchers find 'internal clock' in live human cells
                                                                                                                                                +++ Zidovska lab in the news +++

Alexandra Zidovska Lab
Center for Soft Matter Research
Department of Physics
New York University