+++ Zidovska lab in the news +++

December 20, 2022, VerveTimes: Discovery offers insights into the genome's functionality
December 19, 2022, Phys.org: Stresses and hydrodynamics: Scientists uncover new organzing principles of the genome  
December 19, 2022, Medical News: New insights into biophysical origins of the genome's organization inside the cell nucleus
January 31, 2022, Phys.org: Scientists Uncover How the Shape of Melting Ice Depends on Water Temperature
January 31, 2022, APS Physics-Focus: Shape of Melting Ice Depends on Temperature
January 31, 2022, Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Physics: Shapes of Ice and Rock
June 2, 2021, Phys.org: How is the genome like an open book? New research shows cells' 'library system'
June 2, 2021, EurekAlert: How is the genome like an open book? New research shows cells' 'library system'
December 5, 2019, Futurity: Team pinpoints how the body repairs the damage to DNA
December 5, 2019, Phys.org: What does DNA's repair shop look like? New research identifies the tools
November 26, 2019, eLife Digest: Like oil in water
November 26, 2019, Phys.org: What keeps cells in shape? New research points to two types of motion
October 25, 2018, DNA 'dances' in first explanation of how genetic material flows through a nucleus
October 5, 2018, APS Physics Focus: How to Measure Viscosity Inside Cells
October 5, 2018, AAAS: Scientists get the drop on the cell's nucleus
September 13, 2017, SciNews: Live Human Cells Have Their Own ‘Internal Clocks’.
September 11, 2017, Phys.org: Researchers find 'internal clock' in live human cells
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