Investigating quantum states and dynamics with X-ray spectroscopies @ CQP NYU



Principal Investigator

L. Andrew Wray, Assistant Professor, NYU Department of Physics.

Research interests: Exotic many-body quantum states (e.g. superconducting, topological), femtosecond and sub-femtosecond many-body dynamics, quantum-scale device physics, advancing the state of the art in X-ray spectroscopies


Lin Miao

Graduate Students

Haowei He

Yishuai Xu

Erica Kotta

Rourav Basak

Divyanshi Sar

Rourav, Erica, Yishuai and Alex on the July, 2017 Frontiers in Emergent Quantum Phenomena banquet cruise.

Group Alumni

Master's degree: Alex Breitweiser, Janet Chiu, Surge Wexler
Undergraduate: Edwin Augustin

L. Andrew Wray Lab
Center for Quantum Phenomena
Department of Physics
New York University