Investigating quantum states and dynamics with X-ray spectroscopies @ CQP NYU



We are a condensed matter physics research group in the NYU Department of Physics, affiliated with the Center for Quantum Phenomena.  Our research involves the use of X-ray spectroscopies and computational modeling for the discovery, characterization and manipulation of quantum states inside materials.

We explore how microscopic quantum properties can give rise to and have interplay with important emergent physical characteristics such as superconductivity and “light-like” electronic mobility.  Current projects investigate the nano and atomic scale basis of essential physics in symmetry broken (e.g. superconductors and magnets), non-symmetry-broken (e.g. topological insulators and Kondo lattices), and device related systems (like battery electrodes).

L. Andrew Wray Lab
Center for Quantum Phenomena
Department of Physics
New York University