Undergraduate Students enrolled in NYU's College of Arts and Science who either major in Physics, or a closely affiliated field


Lauren Chiriboga 

I am a fourth year Physics Major and currently a research assistant in Marc Gershow’s Biophysics and Neuroscience Lab in the NYU Physics Department CSMR. My research involves using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model organism to quantify and understand how individual neurons behave.

Besides physics, I like to play soccer, my cello, and photograph my travels.


Taylor Coakley

I am a senior majoring in Physics with a minor in Chemistry, and I am currently a research assistant in Alexandra Zidovska's Biophysics Lab in the CSMR. My research involves looking at the nonequilibrium nature of nucleolar coalescence in human HeLa cells.

Outside of physics, I love hiking, drawing, and singing.


Aurelia Brook

I'm a Junior majoring in Physics and Math, and I currently do research in Professor Javad Shabani's Quantum Materials lab focusing on error correction methods for quantum computing hardware. Outside of physics, I enjoy karate, making music, and binge drinking bubble tea with my friends. 

I also run this website! Feel free to contact me about getting adjusted to NYU, getting involved in research, or just to hang: aureliabrook@nyu.edu

Lauren Jones

Hi, I’m Lauren Jones, a third year majoring in physics with a minor in math and Chinese. I currently am working with Professor Grier and doing research in acoustic spectral holography. I don’t have any hobbies but I really enjoy watching Chinese rom-com dramas.


Sarah Anderson

I am a second year Chemistry major with Physics and Math minors from Buffalo, New York. Outside of class I am an active member of NYU WiPhy and a College Leader for the CAS College Cohort Program. In my free time I love contemporary/lyrical dance, playing the piano, and writing music


Allison Wexler

I am a second year Physics major and Chemistry minor on the pre-med track. My past Chemistry research includes using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy to determine the effectiveness of water filters at Columbia University.

Outside of Physics, I enjoy playing piano, baking, and raising awareness for Food Allergy Research and Education.

Grad Students

Students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Science for either Masters or Doctoral Degree in Physics 


Amanda Lesar

I'm a PhD student in Marc Gershow's lab in CSMR. My research uses fruit fly larva as a model organism to understand how a small brain learns and forms associative memories. I developed an automated, single-animal assay to probe innate and learned olfactory behaviors in the larva. Outside of physics (and outside of pandemics!) you can find me cosplaying at comic cons!


Kaitlynn Snyder

I am a PhD student in David Grier's group at the Center for Soft Matter Research. In my research I use optical tweezers and holographic particle characterization to study the binding of protein to colloidal beads.

Outside of research I enjoy reading fiction and biographies, trying new restaurants in the city, and horseback riding whenever I get a chance. 


Rui Wu

I am a PhD student working in Dr. Marc Gershow's lab in the Center for Soft Matter Research (CSMR). Our lab studies how the fruit fly larva uses environmental cues to decide when to crawl, stop, turn left or right, and occasionally moonwalk, and my research involves using computer vision techniques to extract and analyze neuron activities from fluorescent images of the larva's brain.

When I'm not poking at fruit fly larva brains on my computer, I try to advocate for underrepresented and international students' rights, and find time in between to watch all the superhero movies.


Postdoctoral Researchers at NYU's Dept. of Physics

Noemie Globus

I am a post-doc at CCPP (NYU) and CCA (Flatiron Institute), investigating the origin of Galactic and extragalactic cosmic-rays and their role on the origin of life.

My website can be found here: https://ng2265.wixsite.com/ng2265

I grew up and did all my studies in Paris, France, before moving to Israel where I lived for 6 years. I moved to NYC with my husband (also a researcher) and my daughter, who is 7 years old.
I like Nature (not the journal), painting, photography, surfing and snowboarding, even if I don’t really have time for this now. 


Recent Graduates

Alumni of the NYU Physics Department that participated in WiPhy


Hillary Gao

While at NYU, I was a Physics and Art History major. My research during my time at NYU has been with Professor David Grier. With him and other undergraduates, we built a scanning acoustic microphone that moves in a serpentine path and is able to analyze material properties of objects in the sound field. Our paper was published in Review of Scientific Instruments and can be found at either of these links:


During my last summer as an undergrad, I worked at Central Park Conservancy as a monuments conservation intern. Part of my work entailed bringing artifacts, such as the Minton tiles or plaster casts, into the lab at NYU to analyze their material properties, and to see if we can detect cracks or defects that are not immediately visible to the naked eye.

In the future, I hope to be able to pursue a mixture of art and physics, but I am still unsure what that entails! 

Kristina Hayhurst

While at NYU, Kristina Hayhurst double majored in English and Physics. During the summer of 2019, she conducted research with Dr. James Slavin at the University of Michigan’s Space Science center. Her research revolved around flux ropes and reconnection processes within Mercury’s Magnetosphere via the Messenger mission. In addition, she worked on plasma physics dynamics research inside the solar system.

At NYU, Kristina conducted cosmology research with David Hogg. Her project focused on rendering maps and visualizations of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation via the Planck Satellite.

Outside of research, Kristina was president of the astronomy club, a newly reformed club for students interested in exploring the cosmos. She was also president of NYU Baedeker, a travel and photography magazine, and has previous experience working at WSN as a news editor and science journalist. 


Abby Shaum

While at NYU, I was majoring in Physics and minoring in Astronomy. I did research under Professor David W. Hogg in the CCPP, working on a new way to detect exoplanets. I presented my work in January at AAS 235.

In my free time, I love singing, trying new restaurants around the city, and visiting National Parks.



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