WiPhy Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Women and Minority Students

Deadlines for the previous Academic Year have already passed, but applications will be available again in the Fall 2021

Every academic year, a research grant of $3,500 will be awarded to deserving individuals who are both active in physics research at NYU and members of WiPhy.

The goal of WiPhy Undergraduate Research Fellowship is to support women and minority students in the NYU Physics Department in their research endeavors. An applicant is expected to perform research in the upcoming academic year and must have already identified a research supervisor as well as a research project.

The required application documents include filling out an online form (which will reopen once applications are available for AY20/21), CV of the applicant, 1 page research proposal (0.5 inch margins, 11pt Arial, 1 line spacing) and a letter of support. Documents should be submitted to Prof. Alexandra Zidovska via email. Letters of support should be emailed by the research supervisor directly to Prof. Alexandra Zidovska. 

A link to applications and contact info for document submission will be posted here for AY21/22.


CAS Research Scholarships

The following are provided by the College of Arts and Science for undergraduate students. You do not have to be a member of WiPhy to apply.

Research grants are also available through NYU's College of Arts and Science for research and travel to conferences. 

Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund (DURF) Grant:  Available every semester for Undergrads enrolled in the College of Arts and Science. These grants are for students who are doing research at NYU, freshmen and sophomores who wish to learn research skills, and those who need financial assistance to attend conferences. More information can be found here

Dean's Opportunity Fund for Graduate School Application: Available to those who demonstrate need in order to apply to graduate school. More information can be found here.

Need financial assistance to pursue academic interests? Check out NYU CAS's other funding opportunities here.

Helpful Links:

Applied Mathematical Physics and Fluid Dynamics: http://as.nyu.edu/physics/research/applied-mathematical-physics-and-fluid-dynamics.html

Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics: http://as.nyu.edu/physics/research/center-for-cosmology-and-particle-physics.html

Center for Soft Matter Research: http://as.nyu.edu/physics/research/center-for-soft-matter-research.html

Center for Quantum Phenomena: http://as.nyu.edu/physics/research/center-for-quantum-phenomena.html

Experimental Elementary Particle Physics: http://as.nyu.edu/physics/research/experimental-elementary-particle-physics.html

Chair of the Department of Physics: http://as.nyu.edu/faculty/matthew-kleban.html

Chief of Staff: http://as.nyu.edu/faculty/frank-moscatelli.html

Director of Graduate Studies: http://as.nyu.edu/faculty/andrew-macfadyen.html

Director of Undergraduate Studies: http://as.nyu.edu/faculty/neal-weiner.html

Director of WiPhy: https://as.nyu.edu/content/nyu-as/as/faculty/alexandra-zidovska.html

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