Our Mission

A working text that identifies our current goals in the Physics community

NYU Women in Physics (WiPhy) group was established in Spring 2019 and is composed of undergraduate students, junior laboratory assistant researchers, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty in the NYU Physics Department. It is an official group recognized and supported by the NYU Physics Department and American Physical Society. The goal of WiPhy is to present a communication platform that allows the community to address questions faced by underrepresented groups, specifically women in Physics. 

Historically, there has been a gender disparity in many STEM fields, in particular Physics. As one progresses through an academic path, the number of women in the field alarmingly decreases. We believe that WiPhy enriches the NYU Physics Department by advancing the overall climate for women in STEM. In creating this group, we joined peer institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, UC Berkeley and Columbia University, which have established Women in Physics groups. WiPhy aims to be beneficial not only to those in underrepresented groups, but also to the general environment within the department, by fostering a diverse and an all-inclusive community. 

The current WiPhy aims are:

  1. EDUCATE those within the group and outside of the group on the issues specific to women in physics
  2. PROVIDE RESOURCES to women and underrepresented groups in physics to help them progress in their academic and professional development
  3. CREATE an environment within our physics community that is diverse and all-inclusive
  4. HELP women to develop their voice and embrace leadership roles
  5. PROVIDE SUPPORT and resources in gender-bias-related issues in the NYU Physics Department

WiPhy meets twice a semester for a catered event or gathering. These are planned and organized by the members of the WiPhy Board. Any WiPhy member is welcome to join the WiPhy Board and participate.

Faculty Director

Alexandra Zidovska, PhD

 Associate Professor of Physics at New York University


Working within the Center for Soft Matter Research at NYU's Department of Physics, Professor Zidovska has spearheaded the initiative to establish an academic community for those who find themselves in the gender minority within the Physics Department, and is working hard to break boundaries and stereotypes while making important advancements in experimental biophysics.

Email: alexandra.zidovska@nyu.edu
Lab Home Page: www.physics.nyu.edu/zidovskalab

Our Story

NYU WiPhy is a group recognized by the Physics Department at New York University and American Physical Society. The group was created in Spring 2019 by Professor Zidovska and undergraduate students Yvonne Zagzag and Hillary Gao with a goal to provide a communication platform that addresses needs of women and underrepresented groups in the NYU Physics Department. Our inaugural NYU WiPhy Kick-Off was held on May 3, 2019. Our mission statement, outreach and event planning is an ongoing and collaborative effort among all WiPhy members. More information about featured members and their work can be found here.

Since Spring 2019, Professor Zidovska has secured funding for NYU WiPhy as well as NYU WiPhy Undergraduate Research Fellowships for its members. More information about resources for WiPhy members can be found here.

Information regarding undergraduate recruitment can be found here.

Want to be involved in event planning or have a suggestion for the group? Feel free to leave a submission through our contact form or join our mailing list to find out when the next meeting is.


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Phone: +1 212-998-7700
Fax: +1 212-995-4016


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