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Tips and Tricks


Include EPS figures in LaTeX/TeX documents

EPS is a graphics file format. It can be generated by many graphic tools. Once you have your graph in EPS format, this trick can help you include graphs in LaTeX/TeX documents.

Quick plot from x-y data file

The graph program in the GNU Plotutils package is a quick and powerful tool to plot 2-D xy plots. Unlike many other graphic programs, it can plot to postscript file without X-Window system. Combined with the convert program in the ImageMagick package, you can even put the plots on the web in gif format.

Build personal home page on Physics Department Server

If you have an account on Physics server, you can have a personal homepage at

Dial NYU Internal Telephone Numbers

It is a little bit tricky to dial NYU internal 5-digit telephone numbers if you call from outside NYU.

Print A4 documents on US printers

Print A4 (210 x 297mm) size postscript files on Physics Department printers which can only handle US letter (8.5 x 11in) paper.

Print source codes with a2ps

Souce codes of programs (and LaTeX, HTML documents) are usually very long and not easy to print. A2ps is a very nice tool for printing source codes. It can add file information (date, author, pages, line numbers) to the print-out and put several pages on one sheet.

Set default printer in your Unix/Linux account

Usually, you can use many different printers on the network in Unix/Linux system. This trick is about how to set the default printer for you.

Print PDF files

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an Internet standard for electronic distribution that faithfully preserves the look and feel of the original document complete with fonts, colors, images, and layout.

NYU Physics Department printers

The names and locations of NYU Physics Department public network printers.

Set aliases for Unix/Linux commands

Unix/Linux commands are very powerful when you have proper options. However, nobody can remember all the options and the notes on the yellow "post-it" are easy to lose. Setting aliases for your commands is the best solution.

Forward email to another account

It is very common to have several email addresses. This trick helps you forward email to the account that you check frequently.

Change login shell from csh to bash or tcsh

Usually, the default login shell on Unix system is csh. The trick helps you change it to smarter tcsh or bash.

Latin-1 Character codes

Latin-1 character set has many commonly used European characters.

The 6󬝲 Browser-safe Color Cube

Color table for web pages.

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