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Current Research

We study complex fluids, including Brownian and non-Brownian particle suspensions, emulsions, polymers (including DNA), and mixtures of the above.

Much of our current research focuses on colloidal self-assembly, both to understand how nature employs it to form complex and useful structures, and to exploit it to make new materials.

We are interested in assembling materials with a photonic band gap and in manipulating and characterizing their structural and optical properties. Our principal approach is through the self-assembly of colloidal crystals with the diamond structure.

We are also interested in the dynamics of complex fluids. Currently, these interests focus on active colloids and the dynamics and electrokinetics of DNA-coated colloids.

Our approach is mostly experimental. It is also highly interdisciplinary. We synthesize exotic multifunctional colloids, employing and expanding the methods of colloid chemistry. We use optical methods, including light scattering, optical microscopy, total internal reflection microscopy, and particle tracking, to probe the structure and dynamics of soft materials.

The links at the top of this page provide information about various ongoing research projects in our lab. The links below provide information about past projects as well as some definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar to those new to soft condensed matter physics.

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