Pine Research Group

Colloidal Clusters

Patchy Colloids: Colloid with valence

Hydrodynamic Reversibility

Random Organization

Self-Organzied Criticality

Lock & Key Colloids

Cubes & Facets

We study complex fluids, including Brownian and non-Brownian particle suspensions, emulsions, polymers (including DNA), and mixtures of the above.

Much of our research focuses on self-assembly, both to understand how nature employs it to form complex and useful structures, and to develop methods to manipulate and exploit it to make new materials.

We are also interested in the dynamics of complex fluids. This includes Brownian motion, rheology (the study of flow and elasticity in complex fluids), and hydrodynamics.

Our approach is mostly experimental. It is also highly interdisciplinary. We synthesize exotic multifunctional colloids, employing the ever-expanding methods of colloid chemistry. We use optical methods, including light scattering, optical microscopy, and particle tracking, to probe the structure and dynamics of complex fluids. We use a variety of commercial and home-made rheometers to probe the viscoelastic and nonlinear rheological properties of complex fluids.

The links above and on the right provide information about various research projects in our lab as well as some definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar to those new to soft condensed matter physics.