Overview of research

The focus of our research is on spin dynamics in condensed matter physics, typically thin film heterostructures and devices with nanometer scale dimensions. The fundamental questions we address are related to how spin-angular momentum is created, transported and detected in ferromagnets, ferrimagnets and antiferromagnets and many different types of their nanostructures. We are also interested in magnetic devices that can advance state-of-the-art semiconductor technology (principally CMOS technology), stochastic computing and the burgeoning field of neuromorphic computing.

We use nanofabrication techniques combined with thin film deposition to create materials, nanostructures and magnetic devices, with sub-100 nm lateral sizes (i.e., in a plane or cross-section). Examples are magnetic tunnel junction nanopillars, antiferromagnetic insulators sub-micron Hall bars, ferrimagnetic racetracks that can host magnetic skyrmions and quantum materials (principally transition metal oxides) spin-Hall nano-oscillators in which phase transitions lead can to memory and learning.