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Physicists make interesting discovery in Earth's core-inspired study

Interesting Engineering, by Christopher McFadden
May 15, 2023

Physicists take the temperature of fluid flows and discover new role for turbulence

Phys.org, by James Devitt (NYU)
May 16, 2023

如何有效控制对流体中的热量传输? (Thermal transistors in the making)

By 剑桥大学出版社 (Cambridge University Press)
Feb 07, 2023

纸张引水背后也有流体力学原理? (The hydrodynamic principle behind paper wetting/soaking)

By 剑桥大学出版社 (Cambridge University Press)
March 31, 2022

Chaotic walks out from steadiness

By NYU Shanghai
August, 2021

Scientists find way to navigate a heavy uphill climb

By James Devitt
ScienceDaily, July 14, 2021

Asymmetry Helps Tiny Rods Swim Upstream

By Peter Weiss
American Physical Society Focus, Oct 25, 2019


By James Devitt
Futurity, Oct 29, 2019

Waarom zijn zoveel meteorieten die op aarde landen kegelvormig?

By Vivian Lammerse
Scientias (Dutch), August 14, 2019

Cone-shaped meteorites are ‘just right’ for plummeting to Earth

By Aaron Fillo
PBS Nova, August 13, 2019

What gives meteorites their shape?

By James Devitt
Science Daily, July 22, 2019

Fish Use Physics to Avoid Running into Each Other

By Katherine J. Wu
PBS NOVA, January 29, 2019

How do fish & birds hang together? Researchers find the answer is a wake with purpose

By James Devitt
Phys.org, January 28, 2019

How birds of a feather flock together

By Kat Eschner
Popular Science, January 29, 2019

Guiding nanomotors with teardrops...

Cover artwork by the NYU Math/Chemistry/Physics team
Soft Matter, July 21, 2017

How do birds fly?

By Thomas Crawford
Cambridge Core Blog, May 30, 2017

Wie im Fluge

By Philip Bittermann
Chemie Technik, May 6, 2015

How fish feel

By Nicola Twilley
The New Yorker, March 18, 2015

Fishes' lateral lines sense pressure and predators

By Gretchen Cuda Kroen
Scientific American, Feb. 25, 2015

La pompe a machoires dentees

By David Larousserie
Le Monde, Feb. 18, 2015

New insight on how lateral lines give fish 'sixth sense' for flowing water

By Alex Card
FISHSENS Magazine, Feb. 10, 2015

Pumpen durch Vibration

By Thomas Brandstetter
Das Physikportal, Feb. 5, 2015

Industrial Pump Inspired by Flapping Bird Wings

By Laurel Hamers
American Institute of Physics (AIP) Publishing, Feb. 3, 2015

New pump brings birds to world of water

Engineeringcareer.net, Feb. 4, 2015

They see flow signals: Researchers identify nature of 'sixth sense' in fish

James Devitt (NYU)
ScienceDaily, Jan. 12, 2015

Courant professors create flying robot

By Hannah Luu (WSN)
Washington Square News, Dec. 10, 2013

The Unusual Physics of Floating Pyramids

By Kate McAlpine
Science Now, Feb. 7, 2012

Why you shouldn't expect a hoverboard any time soon

By Trevor Quirk
The Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 13, 2012

Boffins claim breakthrough in hovering robothopter experiments

By Lewis Page
The Register (UK), Feb. 13, 2012

New research could lead to hovering airplanes for the military

The State Column, Feb. 11, 2012

Hovering isn’t difficult if you’re top heavy

By Trent Nouveau
The TG Daily, Feb. 10, 2012

Researchers Get Closer to Replicating Flapping-Wing Flight

by Damon Poeter
PCMAG.COM, Feb. 13, 2012

Research Finds Top-Heavy Flying Objects Maintain Balance Best

by James Devitt
Futurity, Feb. 13, 2012

Research Finds Top-Heavy Flying Objects Maintain Balance Best

Red Orbit Feb. 13, 2012

The weird and beautiful world of fluid dynamics

by Jane J. Lee
WIRED Science June 22, 2011

Best of the web - November 2010

Cornstarch shapes clay with precision
Work credit: Bin Liu, Leif Ristroph, Annie Weathers, Stephen Childress, Jun Zhang
Futurity, November 4, 2010

Best of the web - November 2010

The locomotion of C. elegans
Work credit: Trush Majmudar, Eric Keaveny, Jun Zhang and Mike Shelley
New Scientist, November, 2010

Cornstarch solution can help shape solid materials

Science Daily.com
November, 2010

Cornstarch solution can help shape solid materials

News from the field
National Science Foundation Nov. 4, 2010

How Come?: Why do flags flap in the wind?

In "Health," by Kathy Wollard
NewDay.com March 30, 2009

Follow the leader?

Research Highlights,
Nature Physics, 4 p903, December 2008

Physics: flags and drag,

Research Highlights,
Nature, 456 p284, November 20, 2008

Flapping flags in tandem,

Back Scatter,
Physics Today, November, 2008

Aerodynamics: Blowin' in the wind,

Michelangelo D'Agostino,
Economist, November 27, 2008

Being the Leader of Pack is not Always a Drag,

WIRED, November 19, 2008

Lead-flapping objects experience less wind resistance than their trailing counterparts,

e! Science News, November 10, 2008

Following the leader can be a drag, according to student's research on flapping flags,

Lauren Gold,
Cornell Chronical Online, November 6, 2008

Table-top experiment could explain why continents drift.
Science News 24 June, 2008 (one must sign-in to read article)

Physical Review Focus -- Desktop Continental Drift,

Mike Wofsey,
Physical Review Focus, 12 June, 2008 (contains videos from the experiments)

New Scientist Environment -- Why continents split up and get back together,

Devin Powell,
New Scientist, 02 July, 2008

Earth-in-a-box may explain continental drift,

On Youtube
New Scientist, 2008

Winging it: Can physics solve the mystery of avian flight?

Erica Westly,
Scienceline.org, July 18, 2007

In a flap (biomechanics)

Michael Hopkin, "News and Views in brief",
Nature, Vol 429, p147, 2004

The Visa Trap

Yilu Zhao
New York Times, Jan. 18, 2004

Fish 'n Flag

Ulrike K. Muller
Science, November 2003; 302:1511-1512
[DOI: 10.1126/science.1092367] in Perspectives

Foreign scholars in visa limbo

Charles W. Petit, US News, p49, Oct. 13, 2003

La flexibilidad, secreto de la naturaleza
Kenneth Chang (NYT), EL PAIS, Futuro, p36, 15-01-2003

NYU Scientists Show the Benefits of Being Flexible
Faculty of Arts and Science, NYU, Research Highlights December 18 2002

Nature's secret to building for strength: Flexibility
Kenneth Chang, The New York Times, December 17, 2002

Stark durch Nachgeben
Andrea Naica-Loebell Telepolis 11 12 2002

Science Update: "Daffodils do the twist"
Philip Ball, Nature, 6 december 2002

News and Views, "Bend and Survive"
Victor Steinberg, Nature, vol 420, p473, 2002

Collaboration with Artist Kristin Jones
W. Stephen Childress, Michael J. Shelley, Jun Zhang

ABC World Evening News: To Scientists, Simple Things Not So Simple
World Evening News with Peter Jenings, ABC by Ned Potter, ABC Television, March 19, 2002

Squeeze Tease,
New Scientist, P 38, 2 February 2002, by Bruce Schechter, Brooklyn, New York

News and Comment - the rest of the story
Paul Harvey, ABC Radio, Jan. 23,2002

Scientific head-scratures survive Meteorites, flapping flags remain mystery
Keay Davidson, San Francisco Chronicle, January 21, 2002

Science News Update
World Book 2002 Science Year, by World Book, Inc. Chicago

Flapping flags
Physics Central, Picture of the Week, September 2001

Turbulent heat flow: structures and scaling
Leo P. Kadanoff, Physics Today, August 2001 p 34

Scientists remain engaged in flag flap
Newark Star Ledger, June 13, 2001 p A-2

Flag Day Newspaper Stories
Bruce T. Seeman
Newhouse News Service, July 2001

How do fish swim?
Tony Phillips
American Mathematical Society Math in the Media, February 2001

Folha de S.Paulo
Folha Ciencia, Science section, 14 December 2000

Much ado about flapping
Kathy A. Svitil
Discover Vol.22, No. 4, April 2001, p.16

Fil battant
La Recherche No. 339, February 2001 p 10

All in a flap,
Physics World, Jan., 2001, p 3

Blowin' in the wind
Adrian Cho
New Scientist, This Week, 16 December 200, p 15

Flatternder Faden,
Spektrum (Germany), Bild des Monats (Picture of the month)Feb., P27, 2001

BBC radio
, Science in Action, Presenter: RIchard Blakc , Producer: Roland Pease, Dec 16, 2000

Silk and soap settle a century-old flap
P. Weiss
Science News, References & Sources, Week of Dec. 16, 2000
(Article in: Science News, Vol. 158, No. 25, Dec. 16, 2000, P. Weiss, p. 390 also see: Letters, vol. 159, No. 7, p99, February 17, 2001)

Fun with flat fluids: Some very serious and sober experiments with giant soap films, courtesy of Shawn Carlson
Scientific American, Amateur Scientist

Flying the flag for fluid dynamics
PhysicsWorld, News: December 2000

Swimming in Flatsea
Greg Huber
Nature, News and Views, vol 408, p777, 14 December 2000

Fluid dynamics: The physics of flapping
Nature, Highlights, 14 December 2000

Physics: Silk and soap show why flags flap

Jonathan Trout
Nature, Science Update, Thurday 14 December 2000