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Movies from Experiments
An eel is subject to an oncoming laminar flow, in a custom
designed laminar water tunnel.

A giant danio swims up in a laminar flow (photo taken from
the side of the laminar flow tunnel, as shown above).

An insulating floater (a model continent) is centered atop a thermal
convection cell. The floater induces an upwelling flow underneath it.
The temperature field together with the flow field are visualized with
small liquid-crystal beads that suspend in the convective fluid.

In the morning of June 8, 2004, Venus crossed the surface of the Sun. A few
students and professors from the Physics Department were ready to observe
the event. Yes, we saw them both. (Photo by: Dr. H. J. Kirschner)

High school student Jonathan Kamler tries to set up a siphon
of flowing soap film. After this project, he then moved to
Harvard University studying Physics.

Prof. Fernand Hayot (OSU) visits our applied math lab here
and asks "Jun, what's new today?"

Professor Greenspan (MIT), together with Steve Childress,
holds our first-generation metallic flag during his visit.

Visualized from the short side of a flapping wing: the eddies are symmetric and attached to
the flapped wing. No shedding of vortices is observed when the Reynolds number is small.

Prof. Mike Shelley at Courant, Co-director of the
Applied Math Lab, talks to our visitors.

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