Observational Astronomy

NYU Observational Astronomy (V85.0013) has the objective of training students in the basic skills of naked-eye and small-telescope astronomy.

This page is for the Spring 2007 semester.


email office office hours
lecture Prof. David W. Hogg Meyer 501 M 16:45–17:45
lab Adi Zolotov Meyer 518 W 17:45–18:45



Grades will be assigned to students based on a numerical score calculated according to the percentages in this table:

labs 20
lab quizzes 15
lab participation 5
mid-term exam 20
final exam 40

Notes: The total lab score and total lab quiz score will be based on all but your worst lab. The exams will be challenging. Students will be excused from labs only for legitimate medical reasons (with the evidence of a doctor's note). You cannot pass the class if you miss more than three labs without legitimate medical reasons.


Note: The lab times change at the daylight savings time switch. This means that the labs are later (by civil time) after the Spring Recess.

in EST in EDT
lecture Meyer 121 M 15:30–16:45 same
Monday lab Meyer 224 M 18:20–20:20 M 19:20–21:20
Wednesday lab Meyer 224 W 18:20–20:20 W 19:20–21:20



Students are expected to do the reading in advance of the lecture. In the table (below) the Kaler column gives readings from Kaler (by section number), the Pasachoff column gives readings from Pasachoff (by page number), and the Atlas column gives readings from the Star Atlas.

date topic Kaler Pasachoff Atlas
2007-01-22 view from a moving planet
2007-01-29 constellations and angles 4.1–4.8 1–26, 32–38, 46–50
2007-02-05 celestial coordinates 1.6–1.10, 2.1–2.4 495–498 1–7
2007-02-12 the changing sky 3.1–3.13 499
2007-02-19 President's Day holiday — no lecture or labs this week
2007-02-26 Moon 9.1–9.5 348–359 34–35
2007-03-05 planetary motions 11.1–11.7 385–395, 402–403
2007-03-12 spring recess — no lecture or labs this week
2007-03-19 planets 11.17, 12.1 418–454
mid-term exam in lab on March 19 and March 21
2007-03-26 stars 1 4.10 144–149
2007-04-02 stars 2 4.11–4.15 194–204
2007-04-09 nebulae and galaxies 4.16–4.17 149–185
2007-04-16 Sun and eclipses 10.6–10.12 359–363, 474–487
2007-04-23 optics and telescopes 13.8–13.16, 13.21–13.23 503–508
2007-04-30 comets and meteors 12.1–12.5 455–473
2007-05-07 final exam Monday at 4pm in Meyer 121

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