cv::SIFT::CommonParams Struct Reference

#include <features2d.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  { FIRST_ANGLE = 0, AVERAGE_ANGLE = 1 }

Public Member Functions

 CommonParams (int _nOctaves, int _nOctaveLayers, int _firstOctave, int _angleMode)
 CommonParams ()

Public Attributes

int angleMode
int firstOctave
int nOctaveLayers
int nOctaves

Static Public Attributes

static const int DEFAULT_FIRST_OCTAVE = -1
static const int DEFAULT_NOCTAVE_LAYERS = 3
static const int DEFAULT_NOCTAVES = 4

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::SIFT::CommonParams::CommonParams (  ) 
cv::SIFT::CommonParams::CommonParams ( int  _nOctaves,
int  _nOctaveLayers,
int  _firstOctave,
int  _angleMode 

Member Data Documentation

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