CvRTParams Struct Reference

#include <ml.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CvRTParams (int _max_depth, int _min_sample_count, float _regression_accuracy, bool _use_surrogates, int _max_categories, const float *_priors, bool _calc_var_importance, int _nactive_vars, int max_num_of_trees_in_the_forest, float forest_accuracy, int termcrit_type)
 CvRTParams ()

Public Attributes

CV_PROP_RW bool calc_var_importance
CV_PROP_RW int nactive_vars
CV_PROP_RW CvTermCriteria term_crit

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CvRTParams::CvRTParams (  )  [inline]
CvRTParams::CvRTParams ( int  _max_depth,
int  _min_sample_count,
float  _regression_accuracy,
bool  _use_surrogates,
int  _max_categories,
const float *  _priors,
bool  _calc_var_importance,
int  _nactive_vars,
int  max_num_of_trees_in_the_forest,
float  forest_accuracy,
int  termcrit_type 
) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

CV_PROP_RW int CvRTParams::nactive_vars

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