CvLSHOperations Member List

This is the complete list of members for CvLSHOperations, including all inherited members.
hash_insert(lsh_hash h, int l, int i)=0CvLSHOperations [pure virtual]
hash_lookup(lsh_hash h, int l, int *ret_i, int ret_i_max)=0CvLSHOperations [pure virtual]
hash_remove(lsh_hash h, int l, int i)=0CvLSHOperations [pure virtual]
vector_add(const void *data)=0CvLSHOperations [pure virtual]
vector_count()=0CvLSHOperations [pure virtual]
vector_lookup(int i)=0CvLSHOperations [pure virtual]
vector_remove(int i)=0CvLSHOperations [pure virtual]
vector_reserve(int n)=0CvLSHOperations [pure virtual]
~CvLSHOperations()CvLSHOperations [inline, virtual]
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