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class  cv::VideoCapture
class  cv::VideoWriter


namespace  cv


typedef void(CV_CDECL * cv::ButtonCallback )(int state, void *userdata)
typedef void(* cv::MouseCallback )(int event, int x, int y, int flags, void *param)
typedef void(CV_CDECL * cv::OpenGLCallback )(void *userdata)
typedef void(CV_CDECL * cv::TrackbarCallback )(int pos, void *userdata)


enum  { cv::WINDOW_AUTOSIZE = 1 }


void cv::addText (const Mat &img, const string &text, Point org, CvFont font)
int cv::createButton (const string &bar_name, ButtonCallback on_change, void *userdata CV_DEFAULT(NULL), int type CV_DEFAULT(CV_PUSH_BUTTON), bool initial_button_state CV_DEFAULT(0))
void cv::createOpenGLCallback (const string &winname, CvOpenGLCallback callbackOpenGL, void *userdata CV_DEFAULT(0))
int cv::createTrackbar (const string &trackbarname, const string &winname, int *value, int count, TrackbarCallback onChange CV_DEFAULT(0), void *userdata CV_DEFAULT(0))
CV_EXPORTS_W void cv::destroyWindow (const string &winname)
void cv::displayOverlay (const string &winname, const string &text, int delayms)
void cv::displayStatusBar (const string &winname, const string &text, int delayms)
CvFont cv::fontQt (const string &nameFont, int pointSize CV_DEFAULT(-1), Scalar color CV_DEFAULT(Scalar::all(0)), int weight CV_DEFAULT(CV_FONT_NORMAL), int style CV_DEFAULT(CV_STYLE_NORMAL), int spacing CV_DEFAULT(0))
CV_EXPORTS_W int cv::getTrackbarPos (const string &trackbarname, const string &winname)
CV_EXPORTS_W double cv::getWindowProperty (const string &winname, int prop_id)
CV_EXPORTS_W Mat cv::imdecode (const Mat &buf, int flags)
CV_EXPORTS_W bool cv::imencode (const string &ext, const Mat &img, CV_OUT vector< uchar > &buf, const vector< int > &params=vector< int >())
CV_EXPORTS_W Mat cv::imread (const string &filename, int flags=1)
CV_EXPORTS_W void cv::imshow (const string &winname, const Mat &mat)
CV_EXPORTS_W bool cv::imwrite (const string &filename, const Mat &img, const vector< int > &params=vector< int >())
void cv::loadWindowParameters (const string &windowName)
CV_EXPORTS_W void cv::namedWindow (const string &winname, int flags CV_DEFAULT(WINDOW_AUTOSIZE))
void cv::saveWindowParameters (const string &windowName)
void cv::setMouseCallback (const string &windowName, MouseCallback onMouse, void *param=0)
 assigns callback for mouse events
CV_EXPORTS_W void cv::setTrackbarPos (const string &trackbarname, const string &winname, int pos)
CV_EXPORTS_W void cv::setWindowProperty (const string &winname, int prop_id, double prop_value)
int cv::startLoop (int(*pt2Func)(int argc, char *argv[]), int argc, char *argv[])
CV_EXPORTS_W int cv::startWindowThread ()
void cv::stopLoop ()
CV_EXPORTS_W int cv::waitKey (int delay=0)
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