cv::Seq< _Tp > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::Seq< _Tp >, including all inherited members.
back()cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
back() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
begin() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
channels() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
clear()cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
const_iterator typedefcv::Seq< _Tp >
copyTo(vector< _Tp > &vec, const Range &range=Range::all()) const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
depth() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
elemSize() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
empty() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
end() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
front()cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
front() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
index(const _Tp &elem) const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
insert(int idx, const _Tp &elem)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
insert(int idx, const _Tp *elems, size_t count)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
iterator typedefcv::Seq< _Tp >
operator vector< _Tp >() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
operator[](int idx)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
operator[](int idx) const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
pop_back()cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
pop_back(_Tp *elems, size_t count)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
pop_front()cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
pop_front(_Tp *elems, size_t count)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
push_back(const _Tp &elem)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
push_back(const _Tp *elems, size_t count)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
push_front(const _Tp &elem)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
push_front(const _Tp *elems, size_t count)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
remove(int idx)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
remove(const Range &r)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
seqcv::Seq< _Tp >
Seq()cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
Seq(const CvSeq *seq)cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
Seq(MemStorage &storage, int headerSize=sizeof(CvSeq))cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
size() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
type() const cv::Seq< _Tp > [inline]
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