cv::RNG Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::RNG, including all inherited members.
fill(Mat &mat, int distType, const Scalar &a, const Scalar &b)cv::RNG
gaussian(double sigma)cv::RNG
next()cv::RNG [inline]
NORMAL enum valuecv::RNG
operator double()cv::RNG [inline]
operator float()cv::RNG [inline]
operator int()cv::RNG [inline]
operator schar()cv::RNG [inline]
operator short()cv::RNG [inline]
operator uchar()cv::RNG [inline]
operator unsigned()cv::RNG [inline]
operator ushort()cv::RNG [inline]
operator()(unsigned N)cv::RNG [inline]
operator()()cv::RNG [inline]
RNG()cv::RNG [inline]
RNG(uint64 _state)cv::RNG [inline]
uniform(int a, int b)cv::RNG [inline]
uniform(float a, float b)cv::RNG [inline]
uniform(double a, double b)cv::RNG [inline]
UNIFORM enum valuecv::RNG
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