cv::OneWayDescriptor Class Reference

#include <features2d.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void Allocate (int pose_count, CvSize size, int nChannels)
void EstimatePose (IplImage *patch, int &pose_idx, float &distance) const
void EstimatePosePCA (CvArr *patch, int &pose_idx, float &distance, CvMat *avg, CvMat *eigenvalues) const
void GenerateSamples (int pose_count, IplImage *frontal, int norm=0)
void GenerateSamplesFast (IplImage *frontal, CvMat *pca_hr_avg, CvMat *pca_hr_eigenvectors, OneWayDescriptor *pca_descriptors)
CvPoint GetCenter () const
const char * GetFeatureName () const
CvSize GetInputPatchSize () const
IplImageGetPatch (int index)
CvSize GetPatchSize () const
CvMat ** GetPCACoeffs () const
int GetPCADimHigh () const
int GetPCADimLow () const
CvAffinePose GetPose (int index) const
void Initialize (int pose_count, IplImage *frontal, const char *feature_name=0, int norm=0)
void InitializeFast (int pose_count, IplImage *frontal, const char *feature_name, CvMat *pca_hr_avg, CvMat *pca_hr_eigenvectors, OneWayDescriptor *pca_descriptors)
void InitializePCACoeffs (CvMat *avg, CvMat *eigenvectors)
 OneWayDescriptor ()
void ProjectPCASample (IplImage *patch, CvMat *avg, CvMat *eigenvectors, CvMat *pca_coeffs) const
int ReadByName (const FileNode &parent, const char *name)
int ReadByName (CvFileStorage *fs, CvFileNode *parent, const char *name)
void Save (const char *path)
void SetPCADimHigh (int pca_dim_high)
void SetPCADimLow (int pca_dim_low)
void SetTransforms (CvAffinePose *poses, CvMat **transforms)
void Write (CvFileStorage *fs, const char *name)
 ~OneWayDescriptor ()

Protected Attributes

CvPoint m_center
string m_feature_name
CvSize m_patch_size
CvMat ** m_pca_coeffs
int m_pca_dim_high
int m_pca_dim_low
int m_pose_count
IplImage ** m_samples
CvMat ** m_transforms

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::OneWayDescriptor::OneWayDescriptor (  ) 
cv::OneWayDescriptor::~OneWayDescriptor (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void cv::OneWayDescriptor::Allocate ( int  pose_count,
CvSize  size,
int  nChannels 
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::EstimatePose ( IplImage patch,
int &  pose_idx,
float &  distance 
) const
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::EstimatePosePCA ( CvArr patch,
int &  pose_idx,
float &  distance,
CvMat avg,
CvMat eigenvalues 
) const
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::GenerateSamples ( int  pose_count,
IplImage frontal,
int  norm = 0 
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::GenerateSamplesFast ( IplImage frontal,
CvMat pca_hr_avg,
CvMat pca_hr_eigenvectors,
OneWayDescriptor pca_descriptors 
CvPoint cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetCenter (  )  const
const char* cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetFeatureName (  )  const
CvSize cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetInputPatchSize (  )  const [inline]
IplImage* cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetPatch ( int  index  ) 
CvSize cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetPatchSize (  )  const [inline]
CvMat** cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetPCACoeffs (  )  const [inline]
int cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetPCADimHigh (  )  const
int cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetPCADimLow (  )  const
CvAffinePose cv::OneWayDescriptor::GetPose ( int  index  )  const
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::Initialize ( int  pose_count,
IplImage frontal,
const char *  feature_name = 0,
int  norm = 0 
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::InitializeFast ( int  pose_count,
IplImage frontal,
const char *  feature_name,
CvMat pca_hr_avg,
CvMat pca_hr_eigenvectors,
OneWayDescriptor pca_descriptors 
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::InitializePCACoeffs ( CvMat avg,
CvMat eigenvectors 
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::ProjectPCASample ( IplImage patch,
CvMat avg,
CvMat eigenvectors,
CvMat pca_coeffs 
) const
int cv::OneWayDescriptor::ReadByName ( const FileNode parent,
const char *  name 
int cv::OneWayDescriptor::ReadByName ( CvFileStorage fs,
CvFileNode parent,
const char *  name 
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::Save ( const char *  path  ) 
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::SetPCADimHigh ( int  pca_dim_high  )  [inline]
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::SetPCADimLow ( int  pca_dim_low  )  [inline]
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::SetTransforms ( CvAffinePose poses,
CvMat **  transforms 
void cv::OneWayDescriptor::Write ( CvFileStorage fs,
const char *  name 

Member Data Documentation

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