cv::MatExpr Class Reference

#include <mat.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

MatExpr col (int x) const
Mat cross (const Mat &m) const
MatExpr diag (int d=0) const
double dot (const Mat &m) const
MatExpr inv (int method=DECOMP_LU) const
 MatExpr (const Mat &m)
 MatExpr (const MatOp *_op, int _flags, const Mat &_a=Mat(), const Mat &_b=Mat(), const Mat &_c=Mat(), double _alpha=1, double _beta=1, const Scalar &_s=Scalar())
 MatExpr ()
MatExpr mul (const Mat &m, double scale=1) const
MatExpr mul (const MatExpr &e, double scale=1) const
 operator Mat () const
template<typename _Tp >
 operator Mat_< _Tp > () const
MatExpr operator() (const Rect &roi) const
MatExpr operator() (const Range &rowRange, const Range &colRange) const
MatExpr row (int y) const
MatExpr t () const

Public Attributes

Mat a
double alpha
Mat b
double beta
Mat c
int flags
const MatOpop
Scalar s

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::MatExpr::MatExpr (  )  [inline]
cv::MatExpr::MatExpr ( const MatOp _op,
int  _flags,
const Mat _a = Mat(),
const Mat _b = Mat(),
const Mat _c = Mat(),
double  _alpha = 1,
double  _beta = 1,
const Scalar _s = Scalar() 
) [inline]
cv::MatExpr::MatExpr ( const Mat m  )  [explicit]

Member Function Documentation

MatExpr cv::MatExpr::col ( int  x  )  const
Mat cv::MatExpr::cross ( const Mat m  )  const
MatExpr cv::MatExpr::diag ( int  d = 0  )  const
double cv::MatExpr::dot ( const Mat m  )  const
MatExpr cv::MatExpr::inv ( int  method = DECOMP_LU  )  const
MatExpr cv::MatExpr::mul ( const Mat m,
double  scale = 1 
) const
MatExpr cv::MatExpr::mul ( const MatExpr e,
double  scale = 1 
) const
cv::MatExpr::operator Mat (  )  const [inline]
template<typename _Tp >
cv::MatExpr::operator Mat_< _Tp > (  )  const [inline]
MatExpr cv::MatExpr::operator() ( const Rect roi  )  const
MatExpr cv::MatExpr::operator() ( const Range rowRange,
const Range colRange 
) const
MatExpr cv::MatExpr::row ( int  y  )  const
MatExpr cv::MatExpr::t (  )  const

Member Data Documentation

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