cv::MatAllocator Class Reference

#include <core.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void allocate (int dims, const int *sizes, int type, int *&refcount, uchar *&datastart, uchar *&data, size_t *step)=0
virtual void deallocate (int *refcount, uchar *datastart, uchar *data)=0
 MatAllocator ()
virtual ~MatAllocator ()

Detailed Description

Custom array allocator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::MatAllocator::MatAllocator (  )  [inline]
virtual cv::MatAllocator::~MatAllocator (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cv::MatAllocator::allocate ( int  dims,
const int *  sizes,
int  type,
int *&  refcount,
uchar *&  datastart,
uchar *&  data,
size_t *  step 
) [pure virtual]
virtual void cv::MatAllocator::deallocate ( int *  refcount,
uchar datastart,
uchar data 
) [pure virtual]

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