cv::FeatureEvaluator Class Reference

#include <objdetect.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  { HAAR = 0, LBP = 1 }

Public Member Functions

virtual int calcCat (int featureIdx) const
virtual double calcOrd (int featureIdx) const
virtual Ptr< FeatureEvaluatorclone () const
virtual int getFeatureType () const
virtual bool read (const FileNode &node)
virtual bool setImage (const Mat &, Size origWinSize)
virtual bool setWindow (Point p)
virtual ~FeatureEvaluator ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< FeatureEvaluatorcreate (int type)

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual cv::FeatureEvaluator::~FeatureEvaluator (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual int cv::FeatureEvaluator::calcCat ( int  featureIdx  )  const [virtual]
virtual double cv::FeatureEvaluator::calcOrd ( int  featureIdx  )  const [virtual]
virtual Ptr<FeatureEvaluator> cv::FeatureEvaluator::clone (  )  const [virtual]
static Ptr<FeatureEvaluator> cv::FeatureEvaluator::create ( int  type  )  [static]
virtual int cv::FeatureEvaluator::getFeatureType (  )  const [virtual]
virtual bool cv::FeatureEvaluator::read ( const FileNode node  )  [virtual]
virtual bool cv::FeatureEvaluator::setImage ( const Mat ,
Size  origWinSize 
) [virtual]
virtual bool cv::FeatureEvaluator::setWindow ( Point  p  )  [virtual]

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