cv::DescriptorExtractor Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::DescriptorExtractor, including all inherited members.
compute(const Mat &image, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, Mat &descriptors) const cv::DescriptorExtractor
compute(const vector< Mat > &images, vector< vector< KeyPoint > > &keypoints, vector< Mat > &descriptors) const cv::DescriptorExtractor
computeImpl(const Mat &image, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, Mat &descriptors) const =0cv::DescriptorExtractor [protected, pure virtual]
create(const string &descriptorExtractorType)cv::DescriptorExtractor [static]
descriptorSize() const =0cv::DescriptorExtractor [pure virtual]
descriptorType() const =0cv::DescriptorExtractor [pure virtual]
read(const FileNode &)cv::DescriptorExtractor [virtual]
removeBorderKeypoints(vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, Size imageSize, int borderSize)cv::DescriptorExtractor [protected, static]
write(FileStorage &) const cv::DescriptorExtractor [virtual]
~DescriptorExtractor()cv::DescriptorExtractor [virtual]
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