cv::Allocator< _Tp > Class Template Reference

#include <core.hpp>

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class  rebind

Public Types

typedef const value_typeconst_pointer
typedef const value_typeconst_reference
typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type
typedef value_typepointer
typedef value_typereference
typedef size_t size_type
typedef _Tp value_type

Public Member Functions

const_pointer address (const_reference r)
pointer address (reference r)
pointer allocate (size_type count, const void *=0)
template<typename U >
 Allocator (Allocator< U > const &)
 Allocator (Allocator const &)
 Allocator ()
void construct (pointer p, const _Tp &v)
void deallocate (pointer p, size_type)
void destroy (pointer p)
size_type max_size () const
 ~Allocator ()

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp>
class cv::Allocator< _Tp >

The STL-compilant memory Allocator based on cv::fastMalloc() and cv::fastFree()

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename _Tp >
typedef const value_type* cv::Allocator< _Tp >::const_pointer
template<typename _Tp >
typedef const value_type& cv::Allocator< _Tp >::const_reference
template<typename _Tp >
typedef ptrdiff_t cv::Allocator< _Tp >::difference_type
template<typename _Tp >
typedef value_type* cv::Allocator< _Tp >::pointer
template<typename _Tp >
typedef value_type& cv::Allocator< _Tp >::reference
template<typename _Tp >
typedef size_t cv::Allocator< _Tp >::size_type
template<typename _Tp >
typedef _Tp cv::Allocator< _Tp >::value_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename _Tp >
cv::Allocator< _Tp >::Allocator (  )  [inline, explicit]
template<typename _Tp >
cv::Allocator< _Tp >::~Allocator (  )  [inline]
template<typename _Tp >
cv::Allocator< _Tp >::Allocator ( Allocator< _Tp > const &   )  [inline, explicit]
template<typename _Tp >
template<typename U >
cv::Allocator< _Tp >::Allocator ( Allocator< U > const &   )  [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

template<typename _Tp >
const_pointer cv::Allocator< _Tp >::address ( const_reference  r  )  [inline]
template<typename _Tp >
pointer cv::Allocator< _Tp >::address ( reference  r  )  [inline]
template<typename _Tp >
pointer cv::Allocator< _Tp >::allocate ( size_type  count,
const void *  = 0 
) [inline]
template<typename _Tp >
void cv::Allocator< _Tp >::construct ( pointer  p,
const _Tp &  v 
) [inline]
template<typename _Tp >
void cv::Allocator< _Tp >::deallocate ( pointer  p,
) [inline]
template<typename _Tp >
void cv::Allocator< _Tp >::destroy ( pointer  p  )  [inline]
template<typename _Tp >
size_type cv::Allocator< _Tp >::max_size (  )  const [inline]

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