CvCamShiftTracker Class Reference

#include <legacy.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CvCamShiftTracker ()
virtual IplImageget_back_project ()
CvPoint2D32f get_center () const
int get_hist_dims (int *dims=0) const
float get_length () const
int get_max_ch_val (int channel) const
int get_min_ch_val (int channel) const
float get_orientation () const
int get_threshold () const
float get_width () const
CvRect get_window () const
float query (int *bin) const
virtual void reset_histogram ()
bool set_hist_bin_range (int dim, int min_val, int max_val)
bool set_hist_dims (int c_dims, int *dims)
bool set_max_ch_val (int channel, int val)
bool set_min_ch_val (int channel, int val)
bool set_threshold (int threshold)
bool set_window (CvRect window)
virtual bool track_object (const IplImage *cur_frame)
virtual bool update_histogram (const IplImage *cur_frame)
virtual ~CvCamShiftTracker ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void color_transform (const IplImage *img)

Protected Attributes

CvBox2D m_box
IplImagem_color_planes [CV_MAX_DIM]
CvConnectedComp m_comp
float * m_hist_ranges [CV_MAX_DIM]
float m_hist_ranges_data [CV_MAX_DIM][2]
int m_max_ch_val [CV_MAX_DIM]
int m_min_ch_val [CV_MAX_DIM]
int m_threshold

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CvCamShiftTracker::CvCamShiftTracker (  ) 
virtual CvCamShiftTracker::~CvCamShiftTracker (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void CvCamShiftTracker::color_transform ( const IplImage img  )  [protected, virtual]
virtual IplImage* CvCamShiftTracker::get_back_project (  )  [inline, virtual]
CvPoint2D32f CvCamShiftTracker::get_center (  )  const [inline]
int CvCamShiftTracker::get_hist_dims ( int *  dims = 0  )  const [inline]
float CvCamShiftTracker::get_length (  )  const [inline]
int CvCamShiftTracker::get_max_ch_val ( int  channel  )  const [inline]
int CvCamShiftTracker::get_min_ch_val ( int  channel  )  const [inline]
float CvCamShiftTracker::get_orientation (  )  const [inline]
int CvCamShiftTracker::get_threshold (  )  const [inline]
float CvCamShiftTracker::get_width (  )  const [inline]
CvRect CvCamShiftTracker::get_window (  )  const [inline]
float CvCamShiftTracker::query ( int *  bin  )  const [inline]
virtual void CvCamShiftTracker::reset_histogram (  )  [virtual]
bool CvCamShiftTracker::set_hist_bin_range ( int  dim,
int  min_val,
int  max_val 
bool CvCamShiftTracker::set_hist_dims ( int  c_dims,
int *  dims 
bool CvCamShiftTracker::set_max_ch_val ( int  channel,
int  val 
) [inline]
bool CvCamShiftTracker::set_min_ch_val ( int  channel,
int  val 
) [inline]
bool CvCamShiftTracker::set_threshold ( int  threshold  )  [inline]
bool CvCamShiftTracker::set_window ( CvRect  window  )  [inline]
virtual bool CvCamShiftTracker::track_object ( const IplImage cur_frame  )  [virtual]
virtual bool CvCamShiftTracker::update_histogram ( const IplImage cur_frame  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

IplImage* CvCamShiftTracker::m_color_planes[CV_MAX_DIM] [protected]
float* CvCamShiftTracker::m_hist_ranges[CV_MAX_DIM] [protected]
float CvCamShiftTracker::m_hist_ranges_data[CV_MAX_DIM][2] [protected]
int CvCamShiftTracker::m_max_ch_val[CV_MAX_DIM] [protected]
int CvCamShiftTracker::m_min_ch_val[CV_MAX_DIM] [protected]

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