CvCalibFilter Class Reference

#include <legacy.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CvCalibFilter ()
virtual void DrawPoints (CvMat **dst)
virtual void DrawPoints (IplImage **dst)
virtual bool FindEtalon (CvMat **imgs)
virtual bool FindEtalon (IplImage **imgs)
int GetCameraCount () const
virtual const CvCameraGetCameraParams (int idx=0) const
virtual CvCalibEtalonType GetEtalon (int *paramCount=0, const double **etalonParams=0, int *pointCount=0, const CvPoint2D32f **etalonPoints=0) const
virtual int GetFrameCount (int *framesTotal=0) const
virtual bool GetLatestPoints (int idx, CvPoint2D32f **pts, int *count, bool *found)
virtual const CvStereoCameraGetStereoParams () const
bool IsCalibrated () const
virtual bool LoadCameraParams (const char *filename)
virtual bool Push (const CvPoint2D32f **points=0)
virtual bool Rectify (CvMat **srcarr, CvMat **dstarr)
virtual bool Rectify (IplImage **srcarr, IplImage **dstarr)
virtual bool SaveCameraParams (const char *filename)
virtual void SetCameraCount (int cameraCount)
virtual bool SetCameraParams (CvCamera *params)
virtual bool SetEtalon (CvCalibEtalonType etalonType, double *etalonParams, int pointCount=0, CvPoint2D32f *points=0)
virtual bool SetFrames (int totalFrames)
virtual void Stop (bool calibrate=false)
virtual bool Undistort (CvMat **src, CvMat **dst)
virtual bool Undistort (IplImage **src, IplImage **dst)
virtual ~CvCalibFilter ()

Protected Types

enum  { MAX_CAMERAS = 3 }

Protected Attributes

int cameraCount
CvCamera cameraParams [MAX_CAMERAS]
int etalonParamCount
double * etalonParams
int etalonPointCount
CvCalibEtalonType etalonType
int framesAccepted
int framesTotal
CvSize imgSize
bool isCalibrated
int latestCounts [MAX_CAMERAS]
CvPoint2D32flatestPoints [MAX_CAMERAS]
int maxPoints
CvPoint2D32fpoints [MAX_CAMERAS]
CvMatrectMap [MAX_CAMERAS][2]
CvStereoCamera stereo
CvMatundistMap [MAX_CAMERAS][2]

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CvCalibFilter::CvCalibFilter (  ) 
virtual CvCalibFilter::~CvCalibFilter (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void CvCalibFilter::DrawPoints ( CvMat **  dst  )  [virtual]
virtual void CvCalibFilter::DrawPoints ( IplImage **  dst  )  [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::FindEtalon ( CvMat **  imgs  )  [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::FindEtalon ( IplImage **  imgs  )  [virtual]
int CvCalibFilter::GetCameraCount (  )  const [inline]
virtual const CvCamera* CvCalibFilter::GetCameraParams ( int  idx = 0  )  const [virtual]
virtual CvCalibEtalonType CvCalibFilter::GetEtalon ( int *  paramCount = 0,
const double **  etalonParams = 0,
int *  pointCount = 0,
const CvPoint2D32f **  etalonPoints = 0 
) const [virtual]
virtual int CvCalibFilter::GetFrameCount ( int *  framesTotal = 0  )  const [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::GetLatestPoints ( int  idx,
CvPoint2D32f **  pts,
int *  count,
bool *  found 
) [virtual]
virtual const CvStereoCamera* CvCalibFilter::GetStereoParams (  )  const [virtual]
bool CvCalibFilter::IsCalibrated (  )  const [inline]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::LoadCameraParams ( const char *  filename  )  [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::Push ( const CvPoint2D32f **  points = 0  )  [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::Rectify ( CvMat **  srcarr,
CvMat **  dstarr 
) [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::Rectify ( IplImage **  srcarr,
IplImage **  dstarr 
) [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::SaveCameraParams ( const char *  filename  )  [virtual]
virtual void CvCalibFilter::SetCameraCount ( int  cameraCount  )  [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::SetCameraParams ( CvCamera params  )  [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::SetEtalon ( CvCalibEtalonType  etalonType,
double *  etalonParams,
int  pointCount = 0,
CvPoint2D32f points = 0 
) [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::SetFrames ( int  totalFrames  )  [virtual]
virtual void CvCalibFilter::Stop ( bool  calibrate = false  )  [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::Undistort ( CvMat **  src,
CvMat **  dst 
) [virtual]
virtual bool CvCalibFilter::Undistort ( IplImage **  src,
IplImage **  dst 
) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

int CvCalibFilter::cameraCount [protected]
CvCamera CvCalibFilter::cameraParams[MAX_CAMERAS] [protected]
double* CvCalibFilter::etalonParams [protected]
int CvCalibFilter::framesTotal [protected]
bool CvCalibFilter::isCalibrated [protected]
int CvCalibFilter::latestCounts[MAX_CAMERAS] [protected]
CvPoint2D32f* CvCalibFilter::latestPoints[MAX_CAMERAS] [protected]
int CvCalibFilter::maxPoints [protected]
CvPoint2D32f* CvCalibFilter::points[MAX_CAMERAS] [protected]
CvMat* CvCalibFilter::rectMap[MAX_CAMERAS][2] [protected]
CvMat* CvCalibFilter::undistMap[MAX_CAMERAS][2] [protected]

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